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Slash your favorite classic rockers with other musicians, friends, inanimate objects, anything!

Classic Rock Slash is a community where writers from any classic rock fandom can pair up their favorite musicians with anyone of their choosing. Pairings within the same band and crossover pairings are both allowed and encouraged! There are few limitations -- anyone can write anything they want as long as they adhere to the following rules.


1. Our first rule here is BE NICE! We all know how lame comm drama is, so let's all try to avoid it by staying positive. Mocking/teasing/ganging up upon/trolling will not be tolerated and will earn you a smack with the ban stick. Constructive criticism is always welcomed as long as it is polite, constructive, and the author hasn't requested otherwise.

Now, in our comm description, we use the word "anything". While this is generally true, we do not allow stories containing bestiality, child rape or molestation, or outrageous fetishes (such as the sort found in snuff films, for example).

All stories that either contain themes that may disturb or upset readers (such as rape), are over 300 words, or are rated R or higher must be placed under a cut with appropriate warnings.

This comm is called Classic Rock Slash, so at least one of the main characters must have an affiliation with a band from the 50s, 60s, or 70s.

Like I said above, this comm is called Classic Rock Slash. Obviously, only slash is allowed. Non-physical, pre-slash, and fluff stories are certainly allowed, as long as there is one or more pairings focused on.

6. We here at Classic Rock Slash allow members to post pictures, icons, macros, interviews, etc. in addition to fanfics. However, we do require that all posts include at least one of these forms of contribution. For example, if you'd like to introduce yourself or request recs for your favorite pairing, just be sure to include your favorite slashy picture or any other form of contribution in the post as well. Any large pictures should be placed behind a cut.

PLEASE don't start topics along the lines of Which band/pairing/fandom is better/hotter/sucks more. Friendly discussion is allowed, but please refrain from disrespecting others opinions. This isn't a place for hardcore debate about individual bands, it's a place for the delightful comingling of all these different worlds. And buttsecks, don't forget that.

8. When posting a fic, drabble, babble, or any piece of writing, please be sure to include the following information (the final two are not necessary if they don't apply to your story):

Title of story:
Author's name/pen name:
Warnings: (this one is important. It's imperative that you provide appropriate warnings if your story contains any material that may offend, disturb, or upset readers.)
Author's notes:

Tagging your entries is definitely encouraged, but it's not required. Just bear in mind that including tags earns you brownie points on the Classic Rock Slash Mental Scoreboard of Wonder.

Lastly, remember that anything goes--pairings do not have to be associated with the same group or even the same profession, so long as at least one of them has something to do with music of the 50s, 60s, and/or 70s.

A note to members: Classic Rock Slash has only two moderators. Obviously, we can't be everywhere at once and we can't be watching over the comm 24/7. If you witness any of the above rules being broken within the comm, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or LJ message and let us know the situation along with the user(s) involved so that appropriate action may be taken. Thank you!

About the Weekly Challenges:

Every Friday, your lovable mods will be posting a prompt to help get the creative juices flowing and encourage members to post their writing. There aren't any rules regarding the prompts per se, just remember to read over them over carefully. Often times you will find we've included "objects that must be included", which means exactly what it looks like. The objects listed MUST be included in your story, otherwise it doesn't count as following the prompt.

When you post a challenge response, please remember to include 'challenge response', 'challenge #[insert number here]', or something similar in the subject line. It makes it a lot easier for the mods and other readers to find individual fics later on.

Members are not required to take up the weekly challenges, by any means. They are merely suggestions--words and scenarios to help inspire anybody who might be in need of a creative boost.

Make sure you post what you write! Don't be shy--no matter how silly, sappy, filthy, short, long, or bizarre it is, we encourage you to share it with fellow members. We're not here to judge, so post away!